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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasTake the Short Route to EnergySavingsGet on the Savings Side of Energy in theGreen Scheme

We have said before that the first energy-improvementinvestment you make, even if modest, puts you on the savings side of utilitybills. Your retrofit saves you a certain amount of money each month. You putthat aside for the next energy improvement. When you have enough saved, you canwalk thru the savings door once more.

And so on.

This makes it important to invest in retrofits that repayquickly so you can move on to the next improvement with money saved from thelast one.

Another important factor in making energy improvementdecisions is your own particular climate. Our climate in North Central Texas isunique. We are not like Houston, Tulsa, Boston, San Antonio, or LA. What worksfor your dad in Boston or your brother in Houston often does not work here. Yetmany of us read or hear what works well in another climate and try to adapt itto North Texas


Guess what?

It often gives us a poor ratio of improvement costs to dollarsavings on our utility bills. That makes our journey to energy freedom a longone when it could be much shorter.

One of the first items people consider replacing in thisquest for utility savings is their air-conditioning system. As an energyauditor, I don’t normally consider that this a good return on your utilityimprovement dollars, although some, particularly those who also ownair-conditioning companies, disagree with me.

I spoke to a professional mechanical engineer two weeks agowho has designed heating and air-conditioning systems for many years and, beforethat, owned an air-conditioning installation company. I consider him to be areal expert in all phases of air-conditioning and heating. And, also bear inmind, that he is completely removed now from the profit motive of sellingair-conditioning equipment.

We discussed this. His advice was not to replace if yourreason for doing this was to save money on your utility bills. The savings aregenerally sparse, meaning you are a long time paying back the investment moneyit costs to replace that system.

Personally, he follows a policy of repair first, repairsecond, repair third, and so on.. Meaning he repairs his own air-conditioningsystem as long as possible before replacing it. And when he does finally have toreplace, he does not expect great monthly savings on his utility bills comparedto the large cost of the replacement.

Staying cool with the least amount of electricity consumptionis an important role we all play in clean air for DFW. Plus low utility billsare important to all of us economically.

Soplan your energy retrofits carefully so you can speed along to the ultimate goalof energy freedom.

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