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There are ways to get clean electricity

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Despitethe dirty fossil-fuel we use to get electricity, there are a few ways to get cleanelectricity.

Chief among these is solar.

Yetwe remain addicted to fossil fuels.


Thatis a good question.

We know better.

Thisis the country that knows we need to break our addiction to oil. The lasteight presidents, from Nixon on, have told us this.

We are technologically capable.

This is the country that went to the moon in ten years.

So why don’t we do something?

Lobbying from oil and gas business for one thing. Andcampaign contributions to our elected officials for another.

Thoseare the two political reasons.

Yet,there are two other reasons.

One is the expense. Solar needs incentives just like thefossil fuel industry still has incentives. Although some incentives are inplace for solar, we need more.

Our other need is what we might call a Solar Bill of Rights:

  • Right to put solar on your home or business without undue hassles from city codes or homeowner’s associations.
  • Right to connect your solar to the electricity grid–the grid is what brings electricity to your house.
  • Equal right to public land access.
  • Right to interconnect and build new transmission lines.
  • Right to receive full retail price for any electricity you give back to the grid.You produce more electricity than you can use one summer day. If you are connected to the grid, that energy is returned to the grid and is sold to your neighbor by retail electric companies and electric co-ops. They would like to say, “thank you very much” with little or no payment to you for that energy. You have a right for payment.

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