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Dallas-FortWorth, North Central TexasObesogens:Do They Make Us Fat? Chemicals, Foods, Hormones and Pesticides in the Green Scheme

Chemicals as Obesogens

AtrazineThe chemical Atrazine has been banned in Europe for its contaminating effects ongroundwater, and a handful of U.S. states prohibit spraying in certaincontamination-prone areas. However, it is widely used by farmers in Texas and isprevalent in the Trinity River Basin, meaning that it is found in our DFWdrinking water. Among other problems, such as potential connections to birthdefects, prostate cancer, and breast cancer, atrazine slows thyroid hormonemetabolism.Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen used in the manufacture of manyplastics. It has been banned from baby bottles , but is still present in manyother plastics, especially water bottles, and the lining of most cans. It hasbeen shown to increase insulin resistance in animal studies. An estimated 93% ofus in the U.S. have elevated BPAs in our bodies.

Carbarnatescause obesity in animals and, thus, could cause obesity in humans.

Organochlorine pesticidescause obesity in animals. It also impairs thyroid function which can result inmetabolic effects and weight gain. One Spanish study showed prenatalorganochlorine compound exposure caused rapid weight gain and overweight ininfancy, even in children of normal weight mothers. Since organochlorinepesticides don’t breakdown easily in fatty tissue, organochlorine pesticides canbuild up in animals and even be passed on in this manner.Organochlorine pesticides can be passed through both food and beverages, such asdrinking milk from cows or eating a fish. Once organochlorine pesticidesare used. they hang around for a long time, in a human or animal body, in thewater supply, or in the soil. Atrazine and DDT are examples of organochlorinepesticides.Perfluorooctanoic acidd (PFOA) is found in non-stick (Teflon) pans,microwave popcorn bags, and pizza boxes. It is known to affect thyroid glandsand animal studies show that early exposure can cause obesity later in life.Phthalates are chemicals found in vinyl products such as shower curtains,vinyl flooring, industrial grade plastic wrap (used to shrink wrap meat in thebig box groceries), and air fresheners. It may lower testosterone and metabolismlevels, causing you to gain weight and lose muscle mass. An estimated 75% of usin the U.S. have detectable levels of phthalates in our urine.

Tributyltin (TBT),a fungicide, is primarily used as an antifouling paint additive on ship and boathulls, docks, fishnets, and buoys to discourage the growth of marine organisms.This compound is slowly released from the paint into the adjoining water. Thisis how it enters the water supply in our area. High levels can affect the endocrine glands,upsetting the hormone levels in the pituitary, gonad, and thyroid glands. Largedoses of TBT have been shown to damage the reproductive and central nervoussystems, bone structure, and the gastrointestinal tract of mammals. It alsodamages the immune system. TBT is banned in many areas, but is still present inwater. It no longer used in agriculture but experts think a similar agriculturalproduct, fenbutalin, is at least as potent.

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