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Obesogens:Do They Make Us Fat? Chemicals, Foods, Hormones and Pesticides in the Green Scheme

How Do We Acquire Obesogens? 

From endocrine disruptors.

They enter our bodies from a variety ofsources–natural and artificial hormones administered to animals, naturalhormones and other ingredients in or added to processed foods, plastics in most foodand drink packages and containers, chemicals in our drinking water, chemicals incleaning products and personal care products, andpesticides sprayed on produce. 

In short, we get them from
2.Cosmetics, cleaning, and personal care products.
3.Food, primarily animal products, processed foods, and non-organic foods

More About Obesogens
What Is an Obesogen?
How Do Obesogens Make Us Fat?
How Do We Acquire
as Obesogens
Products asObesogens 

Foods as Obesogens 
How Do We Avoid Obesogens? 

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