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Dallas-Fort Worth, North Central Texas Food Stores and the Local Economy The Green Scheme of Local in DFW

Ever wonder where your money is going when you shop for food?

Very little goes to the farmer, some say as little as 7%.

Probably most of it goes back to the corporate office of the store where you shop. If that office is local, it continues to build the local economy. However, if it is not local, much of that money is lost to DFW and North Central Texas.

Let’s start with local DFW supermarkets..

Minyard Food Stores, Inc. owned by the Minyard Group of Dallas, currently operates 14supermarkets, 10 pharmacies and 5 fuel stations in the Dallas/Ft. Worthmetroplex including 12 Minyard Food Stores and 2 Sack ‘n Save Warehouse FoodStores.

That is it for supermarkets.

Small Stores in DFW include:

Sunflower Shoppe in Fort Worth and Colleyville. 5817 Curzon Av, Fort Worth, 817 738-9051; 5100 Hiway 121, Colleyville, 817 399-9100.

Ann’s Health Food Store in Oak Cliff and Waxahachie. 2634 S Zang Blvd, Dallas, 214 942-9483; 2305 N Highway 77, Waxahachie, 972 923-1400.

There are many small, and not so small, ethnic food stores in the metroplex.

There are also green grocers (some call themselves farmers’ markets) throughout the metroplex.

Look around you and see if you can find alternative places to shop. Your money will go further in the economy when you do.

How about Texas? Even though these are not local, the bulk of the money goes back to a corporate office in Texas which might have some advantage to North Central Texas.

Brookshires is from Tyler.

Carnival food stores are owned by Grocer’s Supply in Houston.

Central Market is part of H-E-B food stores out of San Antonio.

Fiesta Mart Inc., is part of Grocer’s Supply from Houston.

Market Street is part of UnitedSupermarkets out of Lubbock.

Whole Foods Market is from Austin.

The following stores have their corporate offices in states other than Texas. One, the new guy in town, Aldi International, is not even an American company.

Albertson’s has been purchased by Supervalu, Inc in Eden Prairie, MN.

Aldi International is from Germany.

Dollar General is in Goodlettsville, TN

Family Dollar is in Matthews, NC. Kroger Company is from Cincinnati, OH

Natural Grocers from Boulder CO

Newflowers Farmer’s Market is from Boulder, CO where it is called Sunflower Farmer’s Market..

Piggly Wiggly is in Keene, NH.

Sprout’s is from Phoenix, AZ.

Target is in Minneapolis, MN.

Tom Thumb was originally a DFW company, but now is part of Safeway out of Pleasanton, CA.

Wal-Mart is in Bentonville, AR.

Any other local stores, large or small, that you can think of? Please let us know here

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