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Buying Food


Food Safety Recognize Defects in Cans Recognize Defects inProcessed Food

Eating Out

Local is good! Local is green! Local is moresustainable!

There are four ways for a local restaurant tooffer food that is even more sustainable!

  • Organic Foods
  • Offer organic foods: A list
  • Offer vegetarian foods (particularly non-beef and non-fish dishes): A list
  • Offer all vegan foods (particularly foods without dairy): A list
  • Offer some vegan choices and numerous vegetarian choices. A list, many with quick reviews

What are the LEAST sustainable foods?

1. Beef, dairy, and fish caught or raised in anymanner2. Foodstuffs raised in an industrial complex whether animal foods or plantfoods–sometimes called traditional or conventional agriculture..3. Foods that are not local to your area..

What are the MOST sustainable foods?

1. Plant foods raised locally.2. Plant foods raised without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Pesticide and Other Poisons in Our Food

1. Pesticidecontent of fruits and veggies

WaterFootprint of Foods

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