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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasDFW Local Farmers – Local FoodsPurchasing food from local farmers meanswe always buy American

There is more and more evidence that we either do or we do not support the environment through our choices offood

Since we are talking and thinking about food, this seems a good time to talk about the small family farmer. Yes, this is a person who works the soil, but author Michael H. Shuman also asks you to consider the farmer as a small business person helping his/her local economy.We know growing local economies is a step forward in sustainability. In that light, there arepotentially four roles we play that can help the small family farmer succeed:1. As consumers, we buy food–Local First wherever possible. This means shopping at small local grocery stores and farmers markets, being members of a CSA, and eating out at locally owned restaurants rather than chains.2. As investors, we think about creative ways of putting our money into food cooperatives and the stock of local food businesses.3. As policymakers, we get government entities to buy more local foodstuffs (farm-to-school programs are an example), creative revolving loan funds for new or expanded local food businesses, and create local food policy councils to identify other ways of improving the regional food system.4. As voters, we push our politicians to abandon most of what they are doing in the name of economic development—typically attracting or retaining non-local businesses through tax abatements and the like—and to focus instead on growing food in our own backyards.Actually, supporting our local economies through food is something that we can all do with a little effort. We have several chances each day to makeabout what we eat and where we eat.

We can:

1. Purchase a share in a CSA for home-prepared food.2. Eat at a local restaurant.3. Find a local farmers market to purchase fresh ingredients that we prepare athome or locally prepared food.

Through these small choices, we can help grow ourlocal economy and we can all buy American.Remember, we are supporting or not supporting the environmentwith every bite we eat. .

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