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Local Restaurants with Some VeganChoicesA growth in progress with new reviews added monthly.

Ann’s Health Food Center, long a mainstay for vegetarians in Oak Cliff, has opened a storefront in Waxahachie.After driving out of my way to eat there during a recent trip to Austin, I was very disappointed to find the Waxahachie store did not carry my favorite: vegetarian chicken salad. The carrot juice was good but my sandwich was not up to Oak Cliff standards. 2305 NHiway 77, Waxahachie, 75165, 972 923-1400. 2634 S Zang Blvd, Dallas, 75224, 214 942-9483.

b.b.bop Imagine an Asian Chipotleswhich is all the better because it it local. Now you have an inkling of the goodfood that is waiting for you at b.b.bop’s food counter. You have five choicesfor your meal.1. Protein–choice of the usual meats and tofu or none (all veggies). The tofuappears to have been grilled, then fried, so it is not "Chinese soft."2. Brown, Jasmine or house rice or udon noodles. All cooked vegan.3. Three veggies (not enough veggies for me and extra veggies are $.75 each).4. Raw or sautéed, At this point, veggies are sautéed (unless ordered raw),then cabbage and lettuce are added raw "on the house." Food is barelysautéed so it is on your table by the time you get drinks, plastic ware, andfind a seat.5. There are seven vegan sauces to sample, then have some of each, just yourfavorites, or none at all–my preference.The green-mint-lemonade tea is delicious. Both regular and large sizes areunder $10. Since regular was way too much food (predominantly too much rice),the only complaint I have, which is a strong one, is that the food is served inStyrofoam–unfriendly to the planet and unfriendly to the people eating thefood.. Maybe they will be more planet-and customer-friendly soon. 2460 Lucy Ln,#102, Carrollton 75006, 972 620-9700; 5323 Greenville Av, #5, Dallas 75206 214812-9342.

Bliss Cafe and Bliss Raw Cafe – Raw veg foodscontaining no sugar makes for guilt-free desserts. The cafes are located at 6855 GreenvilleAv, Dallas, 214 987-0204, and 6005 Berkshire Ln, Dallas, 214 368-8585.

Cafe Elite features a wide variety of foods–someraw, some cooked, many organic, and all vegan. The wraps are served with soupand either a beautiful, healthy salad or chips, all for under $10. . Iparticularly enjoyed a Portobello Wrap. that came with soup and abeautiful salad, all for under $10. Also good was the gluten wrap which comeswith or without barbeque sauce. The carrot cake and the vanilla cake were a bitdry but still a treat to have an all-vegan dessert. < reserve marine largest world?s>1501Preston Rd, # 800 at Plano Parkway, Plano, 469 828-0607

Cafe Izmir where you can get a fantastic, middle-eastern, vegetarian meal served family-style. 3711 Greenville Ave, Dallas 75206, 214 826-7788. — OR– Izmir Market and Deli with too many different veg foods and fruit & veggie dishes to count plus free delivery in certain areas. 3607 Greenville Av, Dallas, 214 824-8484.

Cosmic Café, Start with the wonderful atmosphere including ever-changing muralsand other art. Add some of the best and most eclectic vegetarian food in themetroplex, throw in yoga and meditation upstairs, subtract quite a few parkingplaces, and you have the very unique Cosmic Cafe. This long time favoriterestaurant of Dallasites will work with you to cut dairy–even offering choicesof vegan cake. 2912 Oak Lawn Av, Dallas, 75219. 214 521-6157

Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar Asmall section of vegetarian entrees, a couple of veggie burgers, appetizers, andsalads plus a pleasant atmosphere make for good dining. The Stuffed Poblano is wonderful–stuffed with zucchini,corn, onions, and cheese–but cheese can be cut. Live jazz on some nights, too.609 N Locust, Denton 940 484-1349.

Greenz, just salads and soup, a fewsandwiches, vegan or vegetarian. Worth a stop, particularly if you eat salads,but nothing to say leaves were organic so I ate soup.. 2808 McKinney Avenue, Ste 109, Dallas, 75204, 214 720-7788; 5290 Beltline Rd at Montfort, Ste 103A, Addison, 75254, 972 385-7721, 4023 Oak Lawn Av, Dallas, 75219, 214 559-4102.

Junsuree Thai House I particularly enjoy the Pad Thai at this restaurant with its tasty tamarind sauce and love the vegan coconut ice cream. Thai restaurants are always good for vegetarians and vegans–just remember to ask them not to use fish or oyster sauce. 1109 Magnolia Av, Fort Worth.76104 817 927-3220.

Lalibela Restaurant and Bar If you enjoy Ethiopian cuisine, this is the place to eat. And if you have not tried Ethiopian foods, you should indulge yourself. Some dishes are very spicy, of course, but others are mild. I am told Lalibela’s Gomen (collard greens) is delicious and worth the trip.although I have not tried those seasonal greens yet. Many vegetarian/veganchoices. Forest Ln at Greenville, Dallas. 972 792-8442.

Loving Hut is a one of a national chain of veganrestaurants. This small restaurant (much of seating space is outdoors) alsoserves some raw food. 4519 Matlock Rd, Arlington, 76018,817-472-0550

Villa O, An expensive Italian kitchen which hassome organic food and a fewveg and vegan dishes.. They have this conflicting statement, "If availableto our kitchen, items are prepared with 100% … local, … or importedproducts. 100% local or imported? Sounds like someone is grabbing all thehot marketing words they can in one sentence. And they do import their organicsemolina flour which is unnecessary. So you be the judge of the"greenness" or greenwashing" of this restaurant.4514 Travis St, just south of Knox St,Dallas 75205. 214 780.1880. Italian food.

Ziziki’s Restaurant I have mixed emotionsabout Ziziki’s. They have the best grilled pita bread in town and deliciousartichoke hummus. However, despite the pleasant ambiance, there are not many vegetarian or veganchoices besides salads. Still, I have gone back occasionally to eat the pita and hummus and theveggie skewer of potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, and artichokes. 11661 Preston Road, Dallas75230, 469 232-9922; 4514 Travis St., Dallas 75205,: 214 521-2233; 5809 PrestonRd, Plano, 75093, 972 943-8090.

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