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Dallas-Fort Worth and North Central Texans are gardening!

One of the fist steps in sustainability is to have controlover your own food supply. What better way to control food than to grow ityourself?

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Sun, Jul 3 – Get Acquainted, Learn about Water, and Ask Questions about Wildflower Ecovillage. Catching and storing water is a vital part of growing food and well understood in Permaculture. We will discuss this at 5:30 pm since we can never miss an opportunity to educate ourselves. A few of the members of our new intentional community are also staying to socialize on Sunday and look forward to meeting you and answering any of your questions about the ecovillage. We will be upstairs at Central Market in the open area near the cooking school overlooking the store (not the classrooms). Grab something to eat if you wish, and join us on the second floor balcony. When facing the store, come in the left doors. The elevators and stairs are immediately to your right. Central Market, 5750 E Lovers Ln at Greenville Dallas, one block east of North Central. If you have questions about the event, contact Terry at 817 545-0140 or 972 251-1532. Other meetings are in planning stage for this group.

Thu, July 14 – Wildflower Ecovillage Do-It-Yourself DripIrrigation. Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method for sustainable landscape irrigation and for organic food production. Learn how to install a drip system yourself or convert an existing system to drip.Although we will be discussing water at our July 3 meeting, drip irrigation will not be part of that meeting. Yet it is an important part of our ecovillage. So let’s learn about it at 10am, Pavilion Building at Texas Agrilife Center, 17360 Coit Rd, Dallas 75252. Dr. Dotty Woodson, Extension Program Specialist – Water Resources for Texas A&M, will be teaching this class. She is a good teacher.This class is repeated at 6 pm, same date, same place. Free but the Agrilife Center wants you to register for it here:

Coming UP Austin’s Citizen’s GardenerProgram is coming to DFW in late summer, early fall. Austin has a one-day(or two half-days) program that gets its people gardening in community gardensand in their own yards. The cost is a reasonable $30 and ten hours of your timeto help with other classes. Dick Pierce, Permaculture and organic gardeninginstructor, is coming to this area to get us started. When he leaves us, we needteachers who can take over the program. So please come take the class if youwant to teach or come take the class if you want to grow organic food. Dateswill be available here later in the summer. DFW needs this. Please participateand help us get it rolling.

David Howard Working atKalachandji’s Community Garden, Dallas

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