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Photos Square Foot Gardens How to Bulild Sq Ft Gardens in Photos Green Scheme Dallas Fort Worth DFW North Central Texas

Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasRaised, Intensive Gardens in Photos Find spacing information for various plants here.

An intensive garden can be in your own backor front yard; it can be in a community garden; it can be at the farm. Raisedgardens are versatile, easy to start, and easy to maintain. You can have as manyas you have the time and space to handle. They can be simple woodframes as shown here or bordered in rock or brick in a manner to make thepickiest home owners’ association happy to see them in your yard.They arebottomless, so just pick up the wooden ones and move them if you move–sadlyleaving that good, rich dirt behind, of course. Or just sack up the dirt andtake it with you, too.

Building the Raised Intensive Garden: First Choose a SUNNY Spot The ideal spot for North Central Texas would be: Sunny all morning with a bit of hot summer shade either at high noon or part of the afternoon. Order a Square Foot Gardening Book If You Wish

Easy to Build: Use Untreated Wood

Raised Beds Make Tending Easy. You Can Even Add Legs Fill with Rich Soil Add Height or Protect the Garden When Necessary Plant the Garden with Proper Spacingof PlantsAgain: It is NEVER a good idea to use painted or treated wood for a raised garden.

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