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Plant Spacing for intensive Gardens
Summary: Intensive Gardening Spacing

In general, you will put one plant per square foot in your garden. However, not every plant needs the entire square foot and some need more than one square foot. This will help you space your plants.

One plant in a square (one foot space between plants) cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, pepper, eggplant, okra, tomato 

Four plants in a square (six inch space between the plants) lettuce, Swiss chard, bush beans, bak choi, choi sum, komatsuna, Indian mustard 

Nine plants in a square (four inch space between the plants) lettuce (cos, mini), beet root, radish, spinach, leaf amaranth, garlic

Sixteen plants in a square (three inch space between the plants) radish, carrot, spring onion, celery

Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash. melons must be grown on trellis or need more than 1 space–up to 4 spaces.

Intensive Garden Spacing by Plant

Basil: 1/sqft 
Beans: bush-type 9/sqft; pole-type 8/sqft 
Beets: 16/sqft 
Broccoli: 1/sqft 
Cabbage: 1/sqft 
Carrots: 16/sqft 
Cauliflower: 1/sqft 
Celery: 4/sqft (6″) 
Chard(Swiss): 4/sqft 
Corn: 1/sqft 
Cucumbers: 2/sqft in a row of 4 sqft (6″ apart along middle of sqft row) 
Daffodils: 36/sqft 
Eggplant: 1/sqft 
Garlic: 4/sqft (6″) 
Leeks: 9/sqft (
Lettuce: 4/sqft 
Marjoram: 4/sqft 
Muskmelons: 1/sqft (grow in row of 4 squares, on trellis) 
Okra: 1-2/sqft 
Onions: 16/sqft 
Oregano: 1/4sqft 
Parsley: 4/sqft 
Peas: 8/sqft 
Peppers: 1/sqft 
Potatoes: 1/sqft 
Radishes: 16/sqft 
Savory: 1/sqft 
Scallions: 36/sqft (2″) 
Spinach: 9/sqft 
Squash, Summer: vine-type 3/4sqft (see special grid); bush-type 1/3sqft (see special grid) 
Squash, Winter: 1/2sqft (see special grid) 
Sweet Potatoes: 2/sqft 
Thyme: 4/sqft 
Tomatoes: bush-type: 4/4sqft (see special grid); vine-type 1/sqft (in row of 4 on trellis) 
Watermelon: bush-type 1/sqft; vine-type 1/2sqft – both kinds along trellis 
Zucchini: 1/sqft  

Source: Shalagram Das at Kalachandji Community Garden, Dallas

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