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Didyou hear of that family in Fort Worth–you know, they all went to the emergencyroom from sticky fingerprints on the wall? Or the family in Frisco–they all gotsick from dirty mirrors in the bathroom?

Actually,none of us heard of these families because none of it happened. What was, andis, more likely to happen is that families will get sick from the cleaningsupplies used to clean the mirrors or remove the sticky fingerprints. In 2009,the National Poison Data Center reported 183, 250 national calls about cleaningproducts.

Whatevereffect chemicals have on adults is multiplied in children. Children are affectedby cleaning products in a greater proportion than adults, whether it is in thewomb, at home, or at school.


  • Their immune, endocrine, and neurological systems are not fully developed.

  • Babies and toddlers crawl on the floor.

  • Children breathe more often than adults

  • Children breathe more deeply than adults

  • Children eat more food per pound of body weight.

  • Children drink more water per pound of body weight.

  • Children are more likely to put things in their mouth.

  • Children are more likely to ingest cleaning and other harmful/poisonous products


Becausevery few have ever been tested at all, even on animals (and remember thatanimals and humans are definitely different) and because those that are testedare tested singly, normally for short periods of time. The truth is we areexposed to multiple combinations of chemicals, even in a single product. Andthis exposure is compounded for each year of our contact over the span of ourlifetimes.

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Note: Before using these green cleansers,try them in an unobtrusive place to make certain they do no damage.

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