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Howdid we get our homes and families in this chemical soup?

Our greatgrandmothers made cleaning products in the home. They were green; they werenontoxic to breathe; they were safely worn next to skin; they did not harm theenvironment; they were cheap.

About the timeher daughter, our grandmother, was a bride, though, chemicals and Madison Avenueentered the picture. Advertising wooed our grandmothers with "Better LivingThrough Chemistry."

Some advertisinggurus even convinced Granny that ‘rings around the collars and toilets"were best handled by chemistry with their increasingly specialized products andtheir clean smells. Television helped, too, with dozens of testimonial ads ofhousewives comparing and "sniffing" their "Tide-Clean"laundry.

Over time, withthe help of marketing experts, society started to think any woman who continuedto make her own cleaning supplies was old-fashioned. Eventually"old-fashioned" morphed into "bad wife and mother."Ultimately, Granny caved in and our moms remembered her cleaning the house withchemicals.

Our momspurchased their cleaning supplies. Most of them thought the more differentproducts they bought and used, the better wives and mothers they were.

And then camescents. Madison Avenue said homes should smell clean. Not the clean smell ofnature, but chemical scents that the National Academy of Science says are 95percent derivatives of petroleum, including many known toxins.

Our moms’ homesand our homes smell "artificially" good. Even the clean clothes smellwe all love is chemicals rather than Great Grandmother’s outdoor clothesline.

As we begin tounderstand the implications of these chemical toxins to our families, however,the pendulum is swinging back to Great Grandma.

And it’s abouttime!

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Note: Before using these green cleansers,try them in an unobtrusive place to make certain they do no damage.

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