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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral Texas The Green Scheme of Household Cleaners 
Sustainable Cleansers

Eachtime we use a chemical cleaning product, we are doing four things:

   1. Endangering the health of our families and ourselves.
    2. Compromising our indoor air quality
    3. Harming the environment.
    4. Losing $$$.

Butwe Texans are Clean with a “Capital C.” Our windows gleam, our furnitureshines, our shower glass sparkles, and no germs lurk in our kitchens or ourtoilets. Don’t we need our cleaning products to be clean?

NO. Chemicalcleaners are just an expensive brown habit!!

Thepurpose of this web section of CyberParent DFW is education about the dangers ofthe expensive chemical cleaners we use in our homes, schools, and officesfollowed by the very inexpensive and green solutions that are available to us.  

And,as always, we are again voting brown or greenwith our $$$.

Suggestionsfor Most Effective Use:

Pleasestart by reading The Brown Problem overview.More specific information is available in the brown section from toxins toantibacterials and from testing to labeling.

Afterperusing the brown pages, read The Green Solution.More specific information and very simple cleaning product recipes areavailable in the green section.

The Green Scheme of Clean

Vote Brown with $$$

The Brown Problem


Dirt & Smells  
Testing & Safety  Toxins & Antibacterials    

More Information 

Vote Green with $$$

The Green Solution  

Alternative Recipes for:
Furniture/Floors   General Cleaning   
Metals    Miscellaneous  

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