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Toinvestigate further, we have two recourses:

1.In the National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) review human exposure to allenvironmental chemicals

2.The National Library of Medicine Household Products Database lists possiblehealth effects of hazardous materials and chemicals found in 6000 commonhousehold products. Although this database was created for workplace exposures,it can be used by all of us.

Andbe careful of products that are Greenwashed. Greenwashing is the act of presenting a product as environmentallyfriendly. We might investigate further before buying a product with thesepotential greenwashing terms: Green,Earth-Friendly, Ecosmart, Ecofriendly.

Butthere is another form of greenwashing that is equally as important. Greenwashedor brown/green companies are those which make both destructive products andgreen products. The companies that only make green products deserve oursupport.

Again,We All Vote with Our $$$

Wecan make it easy (and cheaper) on ourselves by voting with our dollar when:

  • We make our own cleaning materials or, at least, make most of them.

  • We stop using or severely limit our use of antibacterials.

  • We buy only green products.

  • We do not buy green products from those schizoid companies that make green products and health-destructive or environment-destructive products, also.


Yes,there are some companies that make both environmentally destructive products andgreen products–they might be called the brown/green schizoids of the marketplace.

Anexample of this is Clorox.

Cloroxmakes some of the most destructive products on the planet, destructive to theplanet and destructive to our health. In recent years, the company also decidedto make green products. Apparently they worked out a deal with the Sierra Clubto help them market this new green product by having Sierra Club endorse theproducts Clorox claims are green.

Again,vote with your dollar by buying from companies that only make green products.

Youcan vote with your dollar for our local environmental groups, too, and hereis information about them.

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Note: Before using these green cleansers,try them in an unobtrusive place to make certain they do no damage.

Note: The opinions expressedherein are exclusively those of the writers or other participants and do not necessarily reflect theposition of CyberParent, LLC. They are not intended to take the place of, or the advice of, ahealth, legal, or other professional whose expertise you might need to seek.

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