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The health of our homes and thehealth of ourentire planet are connected "at the hip." Lets all start with our ownhomes to green the planet. The steps we take togreen our homes will spread out to include our streets, our city, North Texas, then all of Texas, then the USA, thenthe planet. This means every home counts in the green scheme.

The pollution inside our homes andbuildings is often worse than the pollution outside our homes.And someof the remainder of our time is spent in traffic.

What is the green scheme inside ourhome?


There are some experts who say thepoor air quality inside our homes equals or exceeds the air quality outside ourhomes. Yet many of usspend the vast majority of our time inside our homes, schools, or work-relatedbuildings.

Other experts disagree, particularlywhen the air quality outside our homes in DFW is some of the worst in the UnitedStates.

Still, we need to green the air athome:

How do we start?

How many times a year do we openthe windows and doors and let the air blow through our homes?

How many times do we even change thefilters in our HVAC systems?

And how about clean? We have some strange ideas of how to cleanour homes and other buildings, even our cars should be. Is our idea of clean actuallyhurting us? We definitely need to rethink what we know about clean, to make certain itis also green.

And scents?.

The NationalAcademy of Sciences reports that 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances todayare synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, including known toxins capableof causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergicreactions. We have been brainwashed by the industry to feel we must cover up ournatural scents with toxic chemicals. Many of the same chemicals in perfumes arethe same chemicals that are in cigarette smoke.

And then there is energy

WinterizingOur HomesCleaning Our Homes

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