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Dallas-FortWorth, North Central TexasDFW Buildings, Homes, and Energy Remodel for Energy Efficiency

What makes financial sense for home energy-efficiencywhen coming up on the colder months?

Stop the Leaks

It is very important to stop leaks before the heatingseason starts. You are more uncomfortable in winter because warm air rises, ofcourse. But that is not the whole story. As warm air rises, it escapes throughsmall leaks in the ceiling and/or attic of your home. This air has to bereplaced so cold air is pulled through small leaks near the floor of your home.That really is a cold draft you feel. Now, you are uncomfortable; you turn up the heat;and you lose more money to the utilitycompanies.Now is the time to locate those leaks and plug ’em up!

All-Electric Homes

Winter or not, if you have an electric hot water heater,you are losing money twelve months a year to heat that water at the high ratesof electricity. Fall is a good time to consider installing solar hot water alsoknown as solar thermal. Solar thermal is a mature technology and much lessinexpensive than solar electric. In fact, it will take 2.5 to 3 kilowatts ofsolar electricity (cost: $15,000 – $18,000) to save you as much money asone solar hot water system will do (cost: $6,000-$8,000). Both have a 30% taxcredit and in some areas there may be other financial incentives available,too.

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