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Citizen Gardener Organic Class Schedule here

From food to renewable energy and from healthto the economy, there are many money, health, energy losses in not choosing green homesteading..

For starters, when you don’t go green athome, you are losing money in multiple ways, in the both the short term and thelong term.

By not eating or cleaning green, you are alsolosing health in numerous small and large ways–making yourself a target forcancer and other health problems.

The prices at the gas pump are ample evidenceof the losses we face filling up that gas guzzler once or twice a week.

And in many instances, we are losing jobs bynot going green.

So why not go green all the way–home, food,and transportation?Be a green homesteader!

Homesteading Skill Events

Wow! Due to extreme heat, we will suspendhomesteading skill events until September with one exception: Citizen Gardenerkickoff in DFW on August 13 in East Fort Worth. Details here

Coming UP Austin’s Citizen’s GardenerProgram is coming to DFW in late summer, early fall. Austin has a one-day(or two half-days) program that gets its people gardening in community gardensand in their own yards. The cost is a reasonable $30 and ten hours of your timeto help with other classes. Dick Pierce, Permaculture and organic gardeninginstructor, is coming to this area to get us started. When he leaves us, we needteachers who can take over the program. So please come take the class if youwant to teach or come take the class if you want to grow organic food. Please participatehere and help us get it rolling.

Skill BuildingClasses. We have lost many of the skills that we need to prosper in energydescent. Others skills are new with new technologies that will make what couldbe a trying time better for us all. Come learn. Come share yourskills.

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