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Green homesteadingHomesteading Skills

Homesteading is a lost art–lost somewhere in the20th century. Many feel we need those skills again for energy descent. Inaddition, new skills and technologies have been added, such as solarphotovoltaics. We need these skills, too.

Cyberparent, LLC, is starting classes inhomesteading two week-ends per month and possibly one or two week nights. Although there might be a charge for materials when they are needed, or gasmoney for the instructor, they are basically free and open to the public.

We NEED TEACHERS. If you have homesteading skills in anyof the following (or a few we may have missed), please share them with us andothers needing your knowledge in DFW. In turn, you can attend the classes ofothers. Skill sharing!.

List ofskills needed.

Reply to village at cyberparent dot com or call Terry at 817545-0140.

Homesteading Skill Events

No events until after your Happy Holidays!

Skill BuildingClasses. We have lost many of the skills that we need to prosper in energydescent. Others skills are new with new technologies that will make what couldbe a trying time better for us all. Come learn. Come share yourskills.

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