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Ecovillage Forming Details here

Local Sustainable Groups Details here When residents of a "place" support local businesses, they begin to build a strong, resilient economy.

When business owners depend upon their community, their environment, and their "place," for their livelihood, they are not onlyaccountable to that neighborhood and that "place," they are also more likely to conduct business in a way that benefits the community.

When residents and business owners go sustainable together, the entire area’s natural environment benefits and a controlled energy descent is not only possible, it is also joyous!Local Businesses and Economies:

  • Promote a sense of place–their sense of place

  • Cooperate rather than compete

  • Share knowledge

  • Strive for a living return rather than the highest return

  • Pay living wages rather than minimum wages

  • Charge a fair price, not the highest or lowest price

  • Value cultural diversity

  • Seek balanced wealth and power

  • Circulate local money

  • Grow local business relationships

  • Grow community leaders

  • Protect the local environment

  • Sustain their place in Texas

Residents buying local is the heartof our local economies. Buying local:

  • Creates local jobs.

  • Distributes sales tax locally.

  • Increases the budget for city services.

  • Helps local businesses thrive.

  • Encourages others to start businesses in our town.

  • Improves community relationships.

  • Saves the cost of travel.

  • Circulates our money longer in our town or at least in our general area.

  • Reduces general area traffic and pollution.

  • Makes the local economy resilient in times of economic hardship.

Local, Sustainable Communities & Areas

The following areas of North Central Texas are building more resilient local economies. If you live in any of these areas, get involved!

Sustainable East Rockwall, Heath, Forney, Terrell, Greenville, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett, Royce City, and surrounding rural and suburban areas. Contact Terry east at cyberparent . com (use @ sign and close all spaces) or call 972 251-1532 or 817 545-0140

Sustainable Carrollton The suburb Carrollton and surrounding suburban areas. Contact Kathryn: high class music at yahoo . com (use @ sign and close all spaces)

Sustainable Oak Cliff Oak Cliff and surrounding areas south of downtown Dallas. Contact Anita: anita m 1836 at earthlink . net (use @ sign and close all spaces)

When you are ready to lead a group in your area, Transition Dallas can help you. It is a yahoo group you can join.

Buying Local–the Heart and Backbone of Our Local EconomyYou Vote with Every DollarFood Stores inLocal Economy Green, Healthy, Happy TownsLocal Food andFarmersWhy Local?

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