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When we spend money at places like Kroger’s or Walmart, Barnes and Noble or Chipotle’s, the money we spend there quickly goes back to the corporate office, wherever that is. When we spend money at a local business however, the money stays around here, It helps us all, at least for a while–until your neighbor spends that money at Target or Home Depot or another national/international place.

Research by economists “found that $100 spent at Borders would circulate $13 in the Austin, Texas economy, while $100 spent at the two local bookstores would circulate $45.

"This $45 translates to three times the jobs, the earnings, and the taxes collected."

Many people in the North Central Texas area are unemployed now. They can start local businesses and many have. If we are all supporting local business as much as possible, they will prosper and more people will start a local business. Thus, our local economy will be stronger, and just as important, it will be more resilient to national and world problems.

Buying local is the backbone of the local economy.

Local, Sustainable Communities & Areas

The following areas of North Central Texas are building more resilient local economies. If you live in any of these areas, get involved!

Sustainable East Rockwall, Heath, Forney, Terrell, Greenville, Wylie, Murphy, Rowlett, Royce City, and surrounding rural and suburban areas. Contact Terry east at cyberparent . com (use @ sign and close all spaces) or call 972 251-1532 or 817 545-0140

Sustainable Carrollton The suburb Carrollton and surrounding suburban areas. Contact Kathryn: high class music at yahoo . com (use @ sign and close all spaces)

Sustainable Oak Cliff Oak Cliff and surrounding areas south of downtown Dallas. Contact Anita: anita m 1836 at earthlink . net (use @ sign and close all spaces)

When you are ready to lead a group in your area, Transition Dallas can help you. It is a yahoo group you can join.

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