Homesteading Skills Teachers Needed

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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasHomesteading Skills: Teachers NeededPlease Help!

Homesteading Skills Classes Details here

Homesteading skills are part of Permaculture, as iscooperation rather than competition. We all need homesteading skills. We are starting classes inhomesteading two Sunday afternoons per month and possibly one week night.Free and open to the public.

We NEED TEACHERS. If you have homesteading skills in anyof the following (or a few we may have missed), please share them with us andothers needing your knowledge in DFW. In turn, you can attend the classes ofothers. Skill sharing!.

Reply to village at cyberparent dot com or call me at 817545-0140.

Homesteading Skills Needing Teachers

Barter Basket making Beer making Beginning carpentry Berry growing Bicycle maintenance/repair Blacksmithing Blade sharpening Braided rug Build a rocket stove Build chicken coop Build herb spiral Build outdoor cooking pits/brick ovens Build outhouse Build raised garden Building a hoop house Building consensus & facilitation Candle making Candle making from soy Chickens for eggs Composting Cooking over a campfire. Cooking w cast iron Cooking with solar Cooking with woodstove Crochet Earning money from home Earning money from multiple sources Earning money from the land Energy garden Food canning–pressure canner Food canning–water bath Food drying Food fermenting Food gardening Food pickling Food preservation–long term Fruit tree grafting Fruit tree growing Fruit tree pruning Greenhouse construction Greenhouse heating alternatives Hair cutting Herbal remedies Herbal remedies from North Texas native plants Irrigation Knitting Making home beauty products Making home cleaning products Making soap (cold process from oils and lye) Mushrooms growing and foraging Rainwater harvesting Root cellars Rope making Salve making Seed saving Simple appliance repair Simple electrical Simple plumbing Simple woodworking Spinning Starting CSA Wild edible plants Wine making Wood lot Worm composting

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