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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral Texas
Names of Highways in DFW Transportation and the Green Schemeof DFW

We have a schizoid highway system inDFW as we endeavor to honor people (usually dead, although not always) byrenaming a highway or loop after them. If we can’t give our highways the namesof people, we sometimes give them the name of an area or direction such as Airport Freeway orEast Freeway. And then if that is not confusing enough, some highways, such asState Highway 121, acquire several names as we travel through DFW. Time is also a factor. Interstate 30from Dallas to Fort Worth  was the DFW Turnpike for years now it is the TomLandry Freeway. 

Does that mean that everyone usesthe current name? 

Not all all.

Who were these people anyway? And,really, after a few years, do we even care?

Certainly it confuses the natives but pity the poor tourist or newcomerarriving in this area and trying to make sense of it  all. 

Airport Freeway State Highways 183 and 121
C.F. Hawn Freeway US Highway 175
Central Expressway US Highway 75
DFW Turnpike (old timers’ talk) IH 30
East Freeway IH 30
J. Elmer Weaver Freeway US Highway 67
Jim Wright Freeway, N, S, NE, & NW; East Freeway North and East Freeway South; Northeast Loop; Southeast Loop; Southwest Loop IH 820
John W. Carpenter Freeway State Highways 114 and 183
Julius Schepps Freeway IH 45
LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) Fwy IH 635
Marvin D. Love Freeway US Highway 67
North Freeway IH 35W
Northwest Highway Spur 224

Northwest Highway, Buckner, Walton Walker Blvd., Ledbetter

Loop 12
President George Bush Turnpike State Highways 161 and 190
Preston Road State Highway 289
R. L. Thornton Freeway East IH 30
R. L . Thornton Freeway South IH 35E
Sam Rayburn Tollway State Highway 121
Stemmons Freeway

IH 35

South Freeway IH 35W
Tom Landry Freeway IH 30
Watson Road State Highway 360
West Freeway IH 30
Woodall Rodgers Freeway Spur 366
Wm D Tate State Highway 121 

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