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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral TexasFort Worth and Surrounding Water SupplyMany NorthCentral Texas Towns Depend on Fort Worth for Water

Note: According to its own website Tarrant Regional Water District(TRWD) "provides water to more than 1.7 million people in the North Central Texas area. TRWD serves more than 30 wholesale customers including the cities of Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield."This means many other entities besides Fort Worth get all or most of theirwater from TRWD. From a 24/7 Wall St., LLC financial report, "Severe droughts that could affect large cities are first a human problem. The competition for water could make life in some of America’s largest cities nearly unbearable for residents.

"A number of industries rely on regular access to water. Some people would be out of work if these industries had poor prospects for continued operation.

"The other important trouble that very low water supplies creates is that cities have sold bonds based on their needs for infrastructure to move, clean, and supply water. Credit ratings agencies may not have taken drought issues into account at the level that they should. Extreme disruptions of the water supply of any city would have severe financial consequences. The ten cities on this list are the ones with the most acute exposure to problems which could cause large imbalances of water supply and demand.

"There are a number of metropolitan areas which could face similar problems but their risks are not quite as high. The water problem for US cities is, although it may not be evident, one of the largest issues that faces urban areas over the next tenyears."

Number 6 on the 24/7 Wall St., LLC 2010 list of the "Ten GreatAmerican Cities That Are Dying from Thirst" is

"Fort Worth, TX"Major Water Supply: multiple"Population (U.S. rank): 727,577 (17th)"Population Growth Rate: 36.1% since 2000"Average annual rainfall: 34.01 inches"As Fort Worth continues to grow, the amount of water demand has continued to exceed the amount of water available through local supply. As a result, the city, which is in Tarrant County, must rely on storage water, making the system much more exposed to the worst effects of prolonged drought. To remedy this problem, the Tarrant Regional Water District is trying to bring in more water from Oklahoma’s Red River. Oklahoma, wishing to preserve its water sources, limits interstate water sales. Fort Worth has countered with a lawsuit, which is pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals."

Question: How much of our water is used by the gas drillers in theTRWD area? According to Downwinders at Risk, each well takes from 2 million to 7million GALLONS OF WATER to frac and there are approximately17,000 wells now permitted in the Barnett Shale.

And you worry about how much water your shower uses?

Tarrant Regional Water District Annual Financial Report As of and for the YearEnded September 30, 2009 states: "The Barnett Shale Formation gas exploration and development continues to be a driving force in the District’s increased revenue from oil and gas. District oil and gas revenues for the fiscal year 2009 were approximately $34.4 million, compared to $68.1 million in fiscal year 2008. Although the District has leased all minerals under and around Eagle Mountain Lake, we continue to lease miscellaneous minerals located along the floodway in Fort Worth and scattered District lands in Tarrant County, Texas. In fiscal year 2009 the District executed nine new oil and gas leases, all of which are located in Tarrant County."

Does this appear to be a case of the right hand giving and the left handtaking away?

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