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Dallas-Fort Worth, NorthCentral Texas
Water Footprint of Foods Per Pound

Agriculture uses much of the fresh water in North Texas. We can lower our waterfootprint by eating lower on the "water chain."

Food Item per Pound Average Water Footprint
Lettuce 15 gallons
Tomatoes 22 gallons
Cabbage 24 gallons
Cucumber 28 gallons
Potatoes 30 gallons
Apples 83 gallons
Corn 107 gallons
Peaches 142 gallons
Nectarines 142 gallons
Tofu 244 gallons
Nuts 368 gallons
Eggs 573 gallons
Chicken 815 gallons
Cheese 896 gallons
Pork 1630 gallons
Butter 2044 gallons
Beef 2500 gallons up to 5000 gallons

Source: waterfootprint.com

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