How to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency: 5 Tips for Parents

From the moment the school bell rings until late evening, juvenile crime rates start to soar.

This period is the time when millions of children in the United States wander the streets without adult supervision, as many parents are at work.

When bringing a child into the world, your sole focus will be to protect them from harm and help them grow into well-rounded, respectable adults.

However, when left to their own devices, many children can get into the wrong crowd and commit serious crimes.

To deter your kids from partaking in criminal activity, here are some useful tips on what to do:

1. Speak to Your Child

While it can be difficult to talk about issues like alcohol and drug use, communicating regularly with your child is one of the key steps to deterring juvenile delinquency.

If you don’t have a strong relationship with your kids, they may find it hard to speak to you about certain topics.

Most children look up to their parents, so you need to be a good role model which will hopefully make your child follow suit.

2. Stay Alert

Staying alert and noticing any red flags and criminal trends in your area is key when it comes to protecting your child from a life of crime.

Educating yourself on issues like popular drugs and local gang symbols will keep you one step ahead.

Once you begin recognizing the signs of drug and alcohol use in your child, you can take immediate action if you notice something unusual.

If your child does commit a crime, you will need to know what to do when your child is charged

3. Don’t Leave Your Kids Unsupervised

If you work long hours at the office, you may not be able to supervise your kids after school.

Instead, you should find a trusted adult who can supervise your children while you’re away from home.

You need to bear in mind that even the smartest and most responsible children can be drawn into trouble when they’re allowed to do what they like.

Although your kids may kick up a fuss about being supervised, your mind will be put at ease that they’re not getting up to anything suspicious. 

4. Encourage Hobbies

Not only are hobbies and activities great for keeping your children in a safe environment, there are tons of mental and physical benefits they will gain.

Sports and exercise can boost brain development, improve cardiovascular health, and keep your child in good shape.

Kids need to be part of a healthy community to keep on track and stay away from criminal activity. 

5. Stay in Control

Should your child act out of character and get in trouble at school, it’s your responsibility to take a firm approach and discipline them for their wrongdoings.

Laying down rules from the beginning will mean your kids know what to expect should they go against you. 

Final Thoughts

No parent wants their child to commit a crime and face the law.

If you’ve noticed a change in your child’s behavior, all the tips above can help you keep a close eye on what they’re doing and reduce the risk of them engaging in criminal activity. 

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