Hints for healthy, nutritious meals for families.

We look for hints and new ideas constantly.Hints and tips for healthy cooking and nutrition for busy cooks. Hints foressentially low fat meals full of nutrients. Healthy, varied diets, not vitamin pills,mean healthy nutrition for your family. Learning to read labels, lowfat cooking, andcooking ahead are just some hints for families and their health on the go.

Health on the Go

We are a society of pill poppers. Vitamin pills and other pills are popped all day. Yet vitamin pills are not the answer. Vitamin pills can not replace good nutrtition. Eat healty and take less vitamin pills to have a nutritious diet. Vitamin pills are fine unless you use vitamin pills to justifiy poor nutrition.

Be certain you read General Information, too. It givesyou the basis of quick, but healthy cooking.

Health Hints

Labels, CyberParent Learn to read those labels. Learn what the labels mean! Pass up the hydrogenated fatwhenever you can.

Lower fat, CyberParent
Use a very small amount of oil spread around the bottom of your pan with a paper towel.Spread it almost "dry." Pass up the hydrogenated fat whenever you can.

Adapt your favorite muffin or other recipe, Sally in Dayton, OH, US
If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to adapt for low fat use this rule ofthumb:
Replace up to half the shortening, butter , or margarine called for in your recipe with afruit puree such as jars of baby fruit, applesauce, or prunes. Replace the rest of the fatwith canola or olive oil.
For health’s sake, you would also be advised to replace the bleached flour with unbleachedwhite flour or whole wheat pastry flour.

Seasonings, Color, and Vitamins, Terryin Euless, TX US
Try keeping a sack of chopped bell peppers and onions in your freezer. Adjust theproportion of onions to suit your family’s tastes. If you use a mixture of red, green, andyellow peppers, you add instant color to any meal. Great addition to a jar of spaghettisauce for a quick meal.

Quick Vitamins, Melanie in NewOrleans, LA, US
Almost any quick meal can be made more nutritious and especially tasty by the addition ofa pre-chopped and frozen pepper/onion mixture, fresh baby carrots (no trouble to clean, ofcourse, and will keep for at least a week in your vegetable bin) and frozen, choppedbroccoli. Instant vitamins, appealing color! Whole kernel corn also adds color and somenutrition, if that is the only vegetable your kids are eating this week.

Vegetable Cheese, CyberParent Almost milk-free, Galaxy makes a product we like called Veggie Slices inseveral flavors including sliced and cream cheese.  This "cheese" melts andis lactose free with no animal fats and no hydrogenated fat according to label. It doescontain milk protein (casein) but we have yet to find a vegetable cheese that melts withno casein. If anyone knows of one, please let us know!
Galaxy Foods
2441 Viscount Row
Orlando, FL 32809

Quick-Meal Hints

Cook Ahead, John in Tucson, AZ, US
For a super quick week-day meals, cook sauces on the week-end and serve with rice andpasta during the week. A frozen vegetable will complete your meal or add vegetables toyour sauce. If your family needs the fastest possible meals or is eating at differenttimes, you can also cook the rice and pasta on the week-end. Rice is easy to reheat in themicrowave, alone or covered in sauce. Pasta should be covered in sauce for best microwavereheating results. Both do best if rinsed immediately after cooking.

Warm French Bread, Sandy in Plano, TX,US
The grocery stores in many areas cook French bread in late afternoon. Stopping by for warmbread on the way home adds a touch of elegance and yummy aroma to your meals. If you can’tget fresh French bread, heat any hearty bread for a nice touch to a quick meal.

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