5 Free Websites to Help You Learn English

Learning English can be quite a challenge. Luckily, these days the internet is full of online free helpers to ease your journey. Here are the best of them.

Learning English has never been so easy. These days, numerous websites are offering great classes on English completely for free.

You don’t need to seek expensive books, look for a tutor, or spend hours with dictionaries.

All of that can be easily replaced with one or two apps.

However, with such a variety of different online sources for learning English, it is easy to get confused or lost. You need to know where to look for the perfect site for your needs.

Here are the best free websites to help you learn English:

1. Duolingo

Anyone who has ever been interested in learning a foreign language knows about Duolingo. It is a website that is designed for language learning.

Currently, it provides dozens of language courses with even three of them being of fictional languages.

The study process there is pretty easy. It starts with simple quick lessons that remind more of a game than a class.

Starting with the basics, the intensity of the course is growing, introducing learners to more complicated grammar rules.

Though, still, everything is done in the form of a game that is testing people’s ability to listen, write, and speak the new language. 

One of the unique features of Duolingo is that its English lessons are available in so many languages. People from almost all over the world can start using Duolingo to learn English in their native language.

The software, all its lessons, and most of its features are free. Though, there is a premium version for those who want to support the app and open some extra features.

2. BBC Learning English

Speaking of the free English classes, BBC has been a pioneer in teaching people English for free with the use of media.

These days, the BBC hasn’t lost its position as one of the leading free sources for teaching people English.

Of course, with the technological developments, BBC has upgraded its game by including numerous video lessons into its English course.

The course has a special emphasis on pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation. After these lessons, you will never have to look for a cheap essay writer for your English class ever again.

You’ll feel comfortable enough to write everything on your own. 

3. ABCYa

Overall, ABCYa is designed for children.

Though, adults can find it useful as well. If you don’t want your children to seek help with their English wondering,  “who can do my assignment online?”, you better start teaching them from a young age.

As to be expected, ABCYa has a very user-friendly site, easy enough for a child to navigate it. It also offers classes in accordance with children’s ages.

Overall, the platform is great for both parents and children who want to learn new English. It’s very intuitive and fun if you decide to try it out.

4. Activities for ESL Students

Another great free learning website on our list. Activities for ESL Students can provide you with whole lessons on grammar, punctuation, times and everything else.

It offers numerous quizzes, tests and puzzles to help you learn English by playing with words.

It also has bilingual quizzes in more than a dozen languages, hence people can learn English in their native language.

It can also be a great online college homework help with English as the site does a good job of explaining the basic grammar rules.

All of that is completely free, of course. 

5. Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl can be really helpful for more advanced English learners. The website is great for those who already know English but still find themselves confused time by time over some specific grammar rules.

Grammar Girl has the talent to turn those complex grammar rules into easy to remember notes that perfectly explain everything.

So, maybe, next time instead of checking paper help reviews to order a paper at the website, you’ll feel confident to manage your paperwork yourself.

With some help from Grammar Girl, of course. 

The Bottom Line

Learning a new language can be difficult at first. It comes with a lot of novelty, confusion, and challenges.

Though, once you get a hang of it, you’ll be surprised how easy it can become.

After a while, you will stop wondering, “Should I order an essay?” once you have an assignment to write. You’ll be confident in your English skills to trust yourself with any work in English.

Overall, pick a study method that fits you best and don’t give up! There is no right or wrong way to study as these so different but efficient sites show you. Follow their lessons and you’ll be fine. 

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