4 Reasons Why Art is Important in Child Development

Your child has brought home a picture that they drew at school with their chest puffed out in pride. You think it’s adorable so you hang it on the fridge, which makes them grin with glee.

What you may not realize is that art does more than fill your fridge and give your child a sense of self-confidence. It also plays a huge part in child development

Through art, they learn how to express themselves. They figure out creative ways to approach common problems and it teaches them empathy.

This isn’t even the tip of the learning iceberg. Keep reading to find out more about what an art program can do for your children.

1. Communication 

When a child paints a picture or creates that cute hand turkey around Thanksgiving, they’re doing more than crafting.

They’re expressing themselves. There are certain emotions that can only be let out through art. 

They can use it to show you that they had fun on the trip to the amusement park you took them on or express their grief after losing a loved one.

These are both very different emotions that can be difficult to share in words, but easy to share through art. 

2. Problem-Solving 

As a child experiments with art, they’ll run into little road bumps.

They’ll accidentally make green instead of orange when they’re mixing colors. The tape that they’re using to hold a project together isn’t doing its job or they can’t find the right color yarn. 

When problems like these occur, the child will have to come up with a creative solution to solve it. They’ll start to ask themselves questions and begin experimenting.

This problem-solving process won’t stay in the classroom. They’ll learn to apply it to other parts of their lives as well.

3. Social Skills

When you enroll your child into an arts program, they will have the chance to create projects with others. They’ll have to learn to take turns with the crayons and paints. 

They’ll be able to look at another student’s art and learn to appreciate it the way that they would their own.

Again, art is an extension of one’s self. By sharing projects with another person, they will learn one of the most important child development milestones. Empathy. 

4. Fine Motor Skills 

Sharpening fine motor skills is a critical part of child growth and development. It will allow your child to hold a paintbrush steady so they can make the lines and strokes they want.

They’ll be able to use scissors to cut out shapes and color in the dotted lines. 

Art Programs Are Needed for Child Development 

Enrolling your child in an art program is one of the biggest favors you can do for them as a parent.

It will allow them to have fun and express themselves while also gaining important child development skills.

Don’t make them miss out. 

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