Learning English as an Immigrant: Why It’s Important For Your Family

Learning the English language is an integral part of education, and starts in early education and continues even to advanced levels.

English education is so crucial that aside from what is learned in school, availing of English tuition services has become a norm to help students have an even better grasp on the many different facets of the English language.

But why is learning English really so important for your family? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. English is the Official Language of Many Countries

While there are many different languages in the world, there are over 50 countries that have English as their official language.

Moreover, when communicating across cultures, English would almost automatically be the language of choice.

With these facts, learning English would allow you to communicate easily with more people from around the world, especially when traveling.

There will be countries in which public signages would be in their national language, but English is almost always there in order to allow tourists to understand the message being conveyed.

2. English Proficiency is Commonly Assessed When Getting a Job

English is essential in professional communication so an applicant’s English proficiency is usually assessed during interviews – and it’s not just about oral English skills, but writing skills as well.

Being able to use the English language is especially important for multinational companies with a presence in different parts of the world.

There are even professions from certain countries that require applicants to be able to pass official English proficiency exams which, aside from speaking and writing, also evaluate reading and listening skills.

These professions place the highest importance on prospective employees’ ability to communicate well not only with clients but also with internal stakeholders.

So when you’re looking for a job in a different country in order to support your family, knowing English is a must.

3. English is the Default Language Across Media

In recognition of the prevalence of English as a language understood all over the world, it is the default language for content across different media, whether printed or digital.

Even labels and packaging would normally either be written in English or would at least have an English translation.

Even foreign films and TV series would, at the very least, have English subtitles to allow better viewership.

When you and your family learn English, you’ll have an easier time understanding what is happening in your community.

4. English is the Default Language for Teaching

It is important for students to learn English from a young age as most subjects would use English as the language.

Books, journals, and online references are also primarily in English so it is essential for students to have a great grasp of the English language in order to understand these learning materials.

On that note, students who have a hard time learning the English language would also have a challenge in understanding other subjects that are in English if they have difficulties with the language.

Even math problems involve a considerable level of reading comprehension in English in order to fully understand the problem and to translate it to the right mathematical equation.

5. English is a Mutually Understood Language When Learning Another Foreign Language

Learning a new language usually involves translating from English into the language being learned.

Again, this is because English is the preferred language for communicating between people from different cultures.

Of course, there are also other major languages such as Spanish and Chinese, but English definitely opens a significant opportunity to learn other languages and cultures.


English education is definitely important. It allows for better communication and allows you access to many different resources, including educational materials, and day-to-day items such as signages and labels.

Learning English should then be taken seriously and aside from enrolling your child with a school with a great English education program, engaging the services of English tuition specialists would do a great help in ensuring that your child has a strong command of the English language.

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