Maryland Has Some of the Weirdest Laws in the US

Every state has its own laws – this is something normal. Without laws, everything would drift into chaos, and everyone would do exactly what they want.

Laws are made to prevent people from getting into trouble, which is why most of them make sense. 

With that in mind, not every law is like that – the biggest proof here being Maryland.

Here’s why Maryland is seen as one of the states with the weirdest laws, which makes you wonder what could have actually gone down for those things to be outlawed.

1. It’s a Violation of the Law to Scrub Sinks in Maryland

Yes, you read that right. Bad news for cleaning enthusiasts that like a clean sink.

For some reason, it is illegal to scrub a sink in Baltimore, no matter how dirty it may get.

So, next time you try to clean your sink, remember this: if you get caught, you’re basically breaking the law!

2. It Is Against the Law to Wear a Sleeveless Shirt to the Park in Maryland

Imagine this: you are walking in the park in Baltimore during summer, and you take off your over-shirt, leaving you in a sleeveless shirt.

Next thing you know, you get an officer stopping you in your tracks and giving you a $10 fine.

It might sound weird, and maybe not every officer will stop you – but if they do, the law is against you here.

3. Fortune Telling Is Illegal in Caroline County

Bad news if you try to predict the future in Maryland: in Caroline County, you may get fined for that.

The fine is $100, and it’s applied to the one getting the prediction for the future as well. 

4. Alcoholic Beverage Writers Need to Be Certified in Maryland

If you wish to be an alcoholic beverage critic in Maryland, you’ll have to be certified. This gives many Southern Maryland bankruptcy lawyers a lot of trouble since no such critic really gets their certification – which is why they get up bankrupt.

You will also have to limit yourself to a maximum of three bottles per brand.

5. It’s Illegal to Take a Lion to the Movies in Baltimore

We know what you are thinking: why would someone take a lion to a movie.

Well, it seems that someone thought it would be a good idea since Baltimore decided to outlaw it.

If you have a pet lion, you might want to leave it home on your next movie night!

Take your kid to the movies instead – that’s legal.

6. Kissing for Longer than One Second Is Illegal in Halethorpe

Do you want to give your girlfriend or boyfriend a sign of your affection? Well, you only have one second to do that.

For some reason, it’s illegal to give them a longer kiss. 

7. Swearing Inside the City Limits of Baltimore Is Illegal

Bad news for angry drivers: if you swear inside your car in traffic, you can get fined.

This applies to playgrounds, parks, sidewalks – or anywhere that people may hear you. Kids might hear you swearing, so that’s bad.

The Bottom Line

So, this is why Maryland has some of the weirdest laws.

How many of these rules have you broken so far, without knowing they were outlawed? Possibly a lot.

That being said, if you are passing through Maryland, you might want to watch your mouth – or your hands, if you ever get the urge to scrub a sink.

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