A Math and Science Expert is Looking Back at You in the Mirror

More often than not, we hear people say social media can be a terrible influence on our mental health. We see lives we do not have and people fulfilling dreams we have had our entire lives.

However, there is a positive side of social media that not many talk about. Social media can also be considered a fountain of knowledge where you can learn about any subject or you can even realize the knowledge has always been within you.

Dr. Stephanie Ryan has used her platform to remind parents that a math and science expert is looking back at them in the mirror.

At times, parents may feel like they do not have the resources, knowledge, or experience to help their children learn math and science but Dr. Stephanie believes this is not true and it is a lie that we tell ourselves.

Every parent can teach their kid these subjects, even with no mathematical or scientific background.

That is why she uses her Instagram to share fun and easy experiments parents can do from the comfort of their home while helping their children learn more about STEM.

She will show you how to make rockets, create rainbows with crayons, and cook s’mores with a pizza box – and she’ll help you ask the questions that will help your child grow.

If you wonder how a parent with no degree in math or science can teach their kids, know that Dr. Stephanie believes everyone has the skills, especially parents.

She wants to help children learn, but she wants parents to remember that their life experience is all they need to take over the teaching role while playing with these experiments.

“Remember you have lived a life and with that comes understanding of the world,” says the expert and mother of one. “You know that rain becomes snow when it gets cold out and that ice cubes melt when it gets hot out. You know that if you drop a ball that it will fall due to gravity. Your little ones don’t have those understandings yet. Don’t let the fact that you may not have formal training in science scare you away from doing it at all.”

The truth is these subjects do not need to be as terrifying as they sound.

Dr. Stephanie reminds us of that every single day with her accessible and relatable posts. For science projects, you have the ingredients in your house, and your kitchen can turn into a fun laboratory.

You can make it simple for math by playing with your kids to repeat patterns with macaroni necklaces or parfaits.

Although social media can be very tricky and result in FOMO (fear of missing out), it can also be beneficial for parents looking for different activities to keep their children entertained.

Even then, it can be scary to dive into subjects you are not an expert on. But that is when Dr. Stephanie comes into play, empowering parents to see they have everything they need to teach their children basic science and math.

Her message will remind you that there is always a math and science expert looking back at you in the mirror.

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