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There are two types of builders who will build for you from the ground up, well, really there are more than that, but we will settle for explaining two broad types of builders..

There is the "spec" builder. This is a contractor who builds before he/she has a buyer (or tenant) and then sells (or leases) the home when it is finished. He "speculates" that he will be able to sell or lease this home at a profit. The builder may have many plans for you to choose from or he/she may have certain plans assigned to certain vacant lots. Often this builder constructs the same home or its twin sister several time or even over and over throughout a subdivision, town, or metropolitan area..

There is the "custom" builder. The custom builder may have a choice of plans for you or his/her own designer/architect. Or you may have an architect/designer for your home. Custom builders are usually more expensive, but there are a lot of hungry builders now, so don’t choose a builder without interviewing one or two.

Regardless of the builder, ask for a written guarantee of a HERS score at the end of construction. The more confident he/she is in an ability to build a tight, energy-efficient home, the lower that guaranteed score will be.

Start here: A HERS score of 100 is a home built to code.

You certainly want a home that is better than code?

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