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Two things we know: Fossil fuels are on their way out. And once they are gone, they’re gone.

Many of our medical products and other important life products need fossil fuels for manufacturing. If you live as much as possible from energy that comes from the sun directly every day, you can leave more of the remaining fossil fuels for the needs of future generations–your children and grandchildren..

The best way to cut your energy use is to minimize any unnecessary power usage in your home. Many homes can reduce consumption of electricity by up to 50%

It makes no difference to this planet how you eliminate electrify use. Reducing your electrify consumption by half is just as beneficial for the Earth as providing half of your energy needs with renewable energy. And… making your home more energy efficient will allow you to purchase a smaller, less expensive solar system.

DFW Net Mall has the following websites to help you with energy-efficiency:

  • Energy-Efficient Remodeling

  • Energy-Efficient Building

In addition, reducing your home’s energy consumption and adding renewable energy solutions should be a comprehensive plan, one best put together by a professional for most people.

Strive for negawatts rather than megawatts!

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