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Basics ofHarvesting Rain for RenewableWater Rainwater Catchmentin aGreen Homeor Business

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Rainwater harvesting is an alternative water supplyand conservation approach that anyone can use.

A rainwater collection and storagesystem can be as simple as capturing rain in a barrel for gardening or complexenough to include input from such professionals as architects, engineers, rainwater specialists, and even water treatment specialists for potable water.

Implementing rainwater harvestingtechniques directly benefits our municipalities by reducing demand on the water supply,and our planet by reducing run-off, erosion, and contamination of surface water.

Catchment of rainwater for outdooruse is quite simple, However, even landscape water needs care to reducethe amount of debris that will clog systems, feed warm weather algae blooms in thetanks, and increase maintenance.

A rainwater harvesting systemconsists of

  • The supply or available rainfall.

  • The demand as water needed by plants.

  • A system for collecting water.

  • A system for moving it to the plants which can be as simple as using gravity or a complicated as using a pump to supply an irrigation system.

Simple systemsdistribute the rainwater immediately. Complex systems store some or all of therainwater for later use.

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