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At present, there are no national standards orregulations for rainwater harvesting systems, although the EPA has put out amanual for municipalities to use.

 In Texas however, several lawshave been passed in support of rainwater harvesting. In fact, Texas has some of the most proactive laws in the country to encourage rainwatercatchment.

In 2005, the 79th Texas Legislature establishedthe Rainwater Harvesting Evaluation Committee (HB 2430) and directed the Texas Water Development Board Rainwater(TWDB) and three other agencies to formulaterecommendations for minimum water quality standards for potable and non-potableindoor use, treatment methods, conjunctive use with existing municipal watersystems, and ways in which the state can further promote rainwater harvesting. The committeewas required to provide its report ofrecommendations to the Legislature by December 1, 2006.

HB 645 passed by the 78th Texas Legislature, 2003, prohibitshomeowners’ associations from implementing new covenants banning rainwaterharvesting installations but grants them the authority to develop and implementrules requiring homeowners to screen their systems appropriately.

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