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The water that falls in your yard is legally yours in the State of Texas. You can use it to water your yard or garden and, properly processed, even to shower or wash clothes. With another processing step, admittedly probably too much for most of us, your legally-owned rainwater can be used for your family to drink. However, once that water leaves your yard or property, you are no longer the legal owner of it. Hold on to that thought because it is going to be important to you in the future–probably the very near future.


Remember rainwater is legally yours. You don’t want to lose it just as you might not want to lose the natural gas under your land. In some parts of the Untied States, it is already illegal to add rainwater harvesting equipment to a property. Municipalities or states want or need it for drinking and agriculture. Maybe that will never happen here. And maybe if it does, people who already harvest rainwater will be allowed to continue. They will be "grandfathered in" like many other situations have been in Texas history. In the meantime, all you have to lose is money if you allow rainwater to leave your property unharvested and reused.

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