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Use of PoolBlankets or Covers Solar Pool Heating to Extend Your SwimSeason

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Swimming pools gain heat naturally during the day by absorbing infrared radiation from the sun. The pool loses heat at night or in raining or overcast weather just as your home does.

In-ground pools lose only about 10% of the total losses through the wall of the pool into the ground or during cycles of filtration. The primary swimming pool heat losses occur at the surface from the evaporation of water.

Pool covers or blankets reduce most, if not all, of the evaporative losses from the pool.

A solar blanket is made from thin plastic formed with air pockets so it can float on the surface. It is reminiscent of the bubbles in plastic packing material but on a much larger scale.

A solar blanket cannot heat a pool. However, it effectively prevents evaporation from the water surface, slowing down cooling of the water at night and in bad weather.

Use of a pool blanket is recommended to help the pool retain heat in an in-ground pool, particularly at the beginning and end of the swim season when the nights are long and cold.

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