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Many stand-alone or battery systems also include a generator for backup power, to keep batteries highly charged, and battery maintenance.

In addition to power supplementation, the generator prevents deep discharging of batteries and therefore boosts the useful lifespan of the batteries. It is less expensive than increasing the size of the system.

Generators produce alternating current and that current must be converted to the direct current that batteries can receive before you use it with a stand-alone solar system.

Maintaining the batteries properly, which includes keeping the batteries charged as per directions, extends the life of the batteries and saves money.

Many don’t want a fossil-fuel generator with a renewable energy system but be aware that in a stand alone system you don’t use them often.  Also, some argue that the generator is not as harmful to the planet as the batteries. That is a decision you must make.

If you have the space, the correct location, and the wind velocity, a wind generator can be used in tandem with a battery-operated solar system. At this time, a rural location and/or large properties are usually more suitable for wind generation of electricity than the normal city lot.

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