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A stand-alone PV system is totally independent of power from the utility. It is often known as "off the grid." The battery bank is the heart of the system. It does not matter how much electricity you are making, if you can not store it successfully.

The stand-alone system consists of

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Inverter
  • Battery banks
  • Charge controller and/or power center
  • Backup system (optional)

There are many advantages to the stand-alone system such as

  • You are independent of electric utilities and large corporations.
  • They are quite reliable.
  • Although they require more maintenance than the grid-tied systems, they are generally easy to maintain.
  • If your home is 1/2 mile or more from the power company’s wires, running utility lines is very expensive. A stand-alone system is normally cheaper to install than running utility lines.
  • You can tie into the grid later, if desired.
  • With proper design, a backup system, and usage within design limits, you are free from power outages.

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