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Do you need this?

Whether you actually need backup power for a grid-tied system is a personal decision each family makes.

If power outages in your area are infrequent or of short duration, you probably do not need backup. You may still want backup, though.

However, if you live in an area of frequent or long outages, it is certainly worth considering.

You basically have three choices for backup power:

1. Battery bank 2. Fossil fuel generator 3. Wind turbine–only viable for some

Some grid-tied systems add batteries to store electricity for utility outages. Battery back-ups add considerable cost to your system and also make it more complicated to install and maintain.

Other grid-tied systems include a fossil fuel generator for backup power during times of utility outage. Generators are cost effective and produce alternating current so that current need not be converted before you can use it.

Probably no one wants a fossil-fuel generator with a renewable energy system. However, some argue that the generator is at least as environmentally friendly, if not more so, than batteries. Regardless, that is a decision you must make.

If you have the space, the correct location, and the wind velocity, a wind generator can be used in tandem with any solar system. At this time, a rural location and/or large properties are usually more suitable for generation of electricity by wind than the normal urban lot.


Generators are cost effective and generally considered at least as environmentally friendly as batteries. Using batteries as backup power makes the system unnecessarily complex, less efficient, and substantially more expensive.

If long outages are common, you might need a generator anyway. If you are on the grid and have a generator, batteries are superfluous and expensive additions.

Wind turbines can be operated in tandem with grid-tied solar systems under certain conditions.

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