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With a grid-connected solar system, you are using the grid to store your excess electricity. Alternating current electricity is fed directly into your home just as it is now. You should not notice any difference in your power–just a difference in your electricity bill.

You actually work in tandem with your retail electricity provider. If you do not generate enough power from your solar system, i.e., night, bad weather, or higher demands, the "grid" kicks in and provides the power you need.

One other advantage of a grid-tied system is that you do not have to buy a battery bank. The batteries:

  • Add to cost of system.
  • Last only for a limited time.
  • Take up space.
  • Reduce the amount of usable electricity produced.
  • Require more equipment.
  • Require more maintenance.
  • Contain hazardous heavy metals.

Power Generation

You will (probably) generate enough power for day use, then literally be in the dark at night.

However, some areas do have consistent and/or lengthy power outages.

If you need to compensate for power outages, you might consider a backup system of either a battery bank or a fossil-fuel generator.

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