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Photovoltaics: PV Solar Systems

Benefits of Photovoltaic Panels and PV Solar Systems
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Solar electricity is a clean, renewable resource.

The modules are safe, reliable, and long-lasting.

They are excellent for this sunny Texas climate.

Solar systems reduce our impact on the environment

They reduce our dependence on power companies. They also reduce our dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels.

Solar systems save money for home owners at ever increasing rates.

The cost is often partially offset by government tax credits or utility company rebates.

Solar systems have few moving parts.

Except for batteries, Solar systems are virtually maintenance free.

They can be sized to meet any demands.

The size of a solar system can be reduced by remodeling or building the home for energy efficiency or adopting a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Solar systems can be easily expanded with increased family income or with increased needs.

The right solar system (including batteries and/or a generator) virtually frees homeowners from short-tem power outages and even a grid-connected system helps in long-term outages. 

Solar systems can be used with other renewable electricity such as commercial grid and wind generators.

Installing a PV system is cheaper than supplying grid power to homes a half-mile or more from the nearest electric lines.

Extra electricity generated by PV systems can be sold to utilities, usually at a reduced rate. See Net Metering here.

In summary:

  • You own the equipment.
  • Except for batteries, the equipment is virtually maintenance free.
  • You own the power generated.
  • Your system eventually pays for itself with the power you generate.
  • Once paid, the power itself is free for the life of the system.
  • There are no taxes on this free power.
  • The solar system increases the value of your property.
  • As electricity rates increase, the value of the power you produce increases also.

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