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Photovoltaics: PV Solar Systems

Drawbacksof Photovoltaic Panels and PV Solar Systems
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Without rebates and tax credits, solar electricity requires a large cash outlay. In effect, you are paying for years of electricity at one time or you are paying interest to finance that outlay. However, with rebates and tax credits, cash outlays shrink dramatically and solar electricity becomes quite practical. See Costs & Economics here.

If not grid connected, solar systems require storage with batteries. Batteries are relatively expensive, require periodic maintenance and replacement, household space, and can be dangerous.  See Battery here.

Solar systems require an inverter to convert DC to AC electricity. See Understanding Electricity here.

Stand alone or battery systems need a generator that consumes fossil fuel and generates air pollution. See Battery Backup here.

Once some people think their electricity is "free," they tend to use more of it, distorting the system performance. See Energy Efficiency here.

In a system connected to the grid, if net metering is not available, solar is not as practical. See Net Metering here.

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