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How reliable are solar panels?

Solar panels are tough!!!

They have no moving parts to wear out and do not consume any fuel. As long as there is enough light, solar panels will produce electricity.

Many solar modules come with 5, 10, and even 20-year warranties. This speaks highly of their reliability.

In fact, very little can go wrong with a solar panel except actual physical damage.

Even hail, the nemesis of North Texas, does not often damage it. Panels are manufactured to withstand one-inch hailstones at 50 mph. One Austin solar tech said he had yet to see hail break a panel.

Wind damage: Most systems are designed to withstand 125 mph winds.

It is advisable to call your home insurance agent and inquire about your carrier’s coverage or lack of coverage. Damage to a solar system is normally covered (probably at an increased rate) but if your carrier does not cover damage, you can find one that will.

If batteries are used with your solar system, be aware that they will need replacement every five-to-ten years.

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