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Everyone knows the Dutch are master of the windmill. Enter the Energy Ball, imported from Holland. 

The Energy Ball is artistic, and well, beautiful, as an outdoor sculpture is beautiful.

In addition, with its small wind requirements, it works for this area of Texas with a bare minimum of noise.


The rotors, which primarily move parallel to the wind on a horizontal axis generate so little noise that it never exceeds the sound of the wind itself.

 In a sound report summary by Dr. PJ Eecen of the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, Dr Eecen writes, "Acoustic measurements on the Wind EnergyBall Vl00 have been performed August 21st 2007. Since it was known that the turbine is very quiet, the measurements were made dudng evening hours in order to minimise the effects of the background noise. During the measurements, the subjective experience is that the turbine cannot be distinguished from the background noise and also the acoustic measurements show that the turbine noise does not exceed the background noise. The turbine is indeed very quiet."


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