How to Deal with Infertility When Everyone is Getting Pregnant

Most women who deal with infertility experience some form of depression. Some of them have done everything they can to prepare for a family, yet they are deprived of children. It is ironic that there are women who do not want children yet get pregnant.

As a mother who is desperate to have children, don’t fret. Yes, it is depressing, but your depression may be preventing you from conceiving. Sometimes, not trying at all brings good results. Maybe it’s a way of telling you that “when the time is right,” you will get what you are wishing for.

Here are some tips on how to deal with infertility:

1. See a doctor

Schedule an appointment with a gynaecologist. You need to undergo tests to check what needs to be done. Your doctor may prescribe vitamins or medication to ensure that your reproductive system is healthy. The doctor may also give you tips on the best days to conceive. Your partner also needs to get checked as infertility is not just a woman’s issue.

2. Skip the pep talk

Our friends may be trying to help you get over the fact that you are not conceiving. However, hearing it from a friend who has three children or from someone who just gave birth defeats the purpose. They don’t know how you feel.

3. Join a support group

Think of this: you are not alone. There are many other women out there who are unable to conceive. Joining a support group makes you feel that you are not the odd one out. Also, you may also get insights from them. They can even refer you to some fertility specialists.

4. Enjoy your “me time”

Having a baby will rob you of your “me time.” Enjoy your time while you can. Travel to your favorite places with your hubby, go on adventures, make a bucket list of restaurants you want to go to. Enjoying what you have right now will make you realize that having a child is not so bad at all.

5. Decline baby showers

If you are depressed about not conceiving, baby showers are not the kind of parties you should go to. Your pregnant friend will surely understand your predicament when you politely decline the invitation. Don’t feel sorry for yourself for not attending, there are plenty of days to get together with your girl friends.

6. Don’t compare apples from oranges

Not all women are the same. Don’t listen to people who say that when you’re 40, you can’t conceive anymore. Doctors can assure you that so long as your reproductive system is healthy, you can still conceive. Each woman has a different body clock, maybe yours isn’t ready yet. Think of yourself as a late bloomer.

7. Consider adoption

If all else fails, you may want to consider adoption. Sign up with an adoption agency and talk to them about your concerns. Most adoption agencies communicate with hospitals when there are mothers who are due to give birth but have decided to give up their babies for adoption.

8. Exercise and be healthy

Keep yourself physically fit. Eat healthy. Having a healthy body contributes to a healthier you and better chances of conceiving. By the time you conceive, you’ll be one of the healthiest mommies.

Dealing with infertility should not be sad and hopeless. It is not the end of the world for you or for anyone else with the same dilemma. You may not be able to bear a child right now, or perhaps even permanently, but surely there are other things in your life worth being grateful for and celebrating.

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