Letters or emails about self-esteem from readers.

Letters about self-esteeem in children.Self-esteem is an important subject for parents and children alike. Our surfers use thelanguage of self-esteem and describe their problems and questions. Letters or emails aboutself-esteem in children.

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I have an 11 year old boy. He is not obese, but tends to lean on the heavier side. Recently he was invited to a boy/girl pool party and refused to go because he considers himself "fat". I encouraged him to go and he still refused. i tried to convince him that he wasn’t fat and that this was, afterall, his best friends B-day party. I didn’t make him go. Instead, we sat down and discussed that if his weight is this bothersome that he would either need to accept himself as is and be comfortable with it, or watch what he eats in order to lose the weight he felt he needed to. I’m worried that his may become a problem for him. He is very active- he plays soccer twice a week, golf at least once a week and scouts. I’m concerned and need some advice on where to go from here. Thanks – Ronnie

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