3 Tips to Record Great Videos of Your Kids

Do you enjoy recording videos of your kids, but aren’t that happy with how most of them turn out? That isn’t too surprising as recording videos of kids is actually a bit unique for a variety of reasons.

Whether it’s a creative birthday or other special event, capturing the chaotic magic can be tricky.

If you want to record great videos that really capture the best moments of the antics your kids get up to, there are a few tips that you should try:

Tip 1: Record from their eye-level

Standing up and recording videos of your kids from your own eye-level is a mistake that will mean your video consists of mostly the top of your kids’ heads. But if you get down to their eye-level, will immediately be a lot more impressive.

Keep in mind that this will mean crouching down, kneeling, or lying prone for long periods of time – during which you’ll need to support your camera and keep it steady. That can be tricky to say the least, but choosing a good tripod may help.

Tip 2: Pick a good spot and try not to move

Chasing after your kids while recording videos is rarely going to turn out the way that you hope and in most cases your video will end up a shaky mess.

Overall it is best if you try to find a good spot in advance, and avoid moving as much as possible – aside from possibly slowly panning the camera to follow the action.

In most cases the key is to find a spot that gives you an unobstructed view of a wide part of the area that your kids are in. It may help to identify several such spots, so that you can record a bit of video from one spot, move, and start recording from the next.

Tip 3: Get some close-ups without distracting the kids

As much as recording from a distance can be good for capturing action, close-ups are great for recording the cute expressions on your kids’ faces. At the same time you should definitely avoid shoving the camera in their faces or distracting them in other ways.

Some of the best video footage that you can record of your kids will be when they are engrossed in their own activities. Don’t worry too much if you do distract them however, as the expression on their face when they realize you’re there can be gold too.

Despite your best efforts you will still end up with a lot of footage that either needs to be edited, or discarded. Don’t let that discourage you, but maybe considering starting to learn more about how to split videos, stabilize them, and improve them in other ways too.


Overall you should be able to record some fairly great videos of your kids if you follow the tips above – and they’ll certainly be better than most of the videos you may have recorded in the past. It may take some practice on your part however, which is why the best thing that you can do is record videos of your kids as frequently as possible.

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