5 Ted Talks to Watch With Your Family

TED began in 1984 as a conference to showcase the convergence of technology, education and design (hence the acronym) and has since evolved into independently run events and featuring countless videos hosted by some of the top-most thinkers in the world.

There mission is to spread ideas and while you may be overwhelmed from the selection of videos they have to offer, here are 5 great talks you can watch with your entire family:

The Best Kindergarten You’ve Ever Seen

Takaharu Tezuka @ TEDxKyoto – [Watch Here]

This video features a kindergarten built in Tokyo and designed by speaker Takaharu Tezuka in 2007. This kindergarten is very unique – the play area is a circular rooftop and the classes are completely open to each other. There are no inside or outside boundaries.

Tezuka explains that he designed the school this way so that the children would never feel controlled. In theory this idea seems ridiculous but watch the video and you will see the benefits it has on these young children.

You will also be entertained by some hilarious moments of play!

How to Live Passionately – No Matter Your Age

Isabel Allende @ TED2014 – [Watch Here]

Seventy-one year old author Isabel Allende has a very candid perspective on aging. She describes aging as being a matter of attitude and health. If you have the attitude, and the physical means, you can achieve a passionate life.

In this video, Allende talks you through some stories involving amazing women doing amazing things in old age. It really makes you think about what can be accomplished and failed, lost and gained, throughout an entire lifetime.

It’s a great reminder that there is vast potential within your own family.

Two Poems About What Dogs Think (Probably)

Billy Collins @ TED2014 – [Watch Here]

Poet Billy Collins presents a unique insight into 2 very different canines through his poetry. One dog contemplates his relationship to his owner while the other speaks from beyond the grave.

It’s a great video to show your children since they can gain perspective on what happens when a pet dies. It can also help create empathy with creatures we cannot communicate with.

You can also use this video to encourage your child to write their own poems.

What Adults Can Learn From Kids

Adora Svitak @ TED2010 – [Watch Here]

Adora Svitak is a child prodigy who believes that the world needs more “childish” thinking such as bold ideas, creativity and optimism. She warns that being deemed childish does not have to necessarily mean that one is irresponsible or irrational. On the contrary, she describes being childish as approaching the world with open eyes and wonder.

Think about all the troubles in the world. Who is responsible? Children? Of course not. Although responsibility and maturity are important in governing our own world and those around us, it wouldn’t hurt to view our environment from smaller eyes.

Use this video as a reminder to stop and try to view the stresses of your life through the eyes of your children.

Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

Louie Schwartz @ TEDxSF – [Watch Here]

Photographer Louie Schwartz captures it all – nature, beauty and gratitude – in his stunning time lapse photography. More than a mere schtick to showcase his work, Schwartz describes the reaction his receives when people view his photography as a moment of pure mindfulness.

Apart from his deep and intuitive discussion on nature, beauty and gratitude, Schwartz’s work really is breathtaking. It really makes you take pause and focus on the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

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